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We bring transparency and fairness to sales earnings by verifying commissions.

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How it works

Designed for the

TruCommish is the first solution designed specifically for individual salespeople, providing unique insights into their earnings and performance which are not available in existing enterprise tools.

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The problem

No easy way to
check earnings

Current solutions are not designed to help individual reps verify their pay. Instead, these systems are intended for management to track and drive their team's activity.

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Complex comp plans

Comp plans are complex and difficult to track.

No solutions

Salespeople must check commissions manually, as existing systems are designed only for the enterprise.

Blind faith and trust

Salespeople are forced to trust they are paid accurately.

Different from
commission software

Commission software serves a different purpose than TruCommish. It is intended to help management build commission statements and compensation plans. It shows how much each team member has earned. However, it does not show how much they should have earned.

Commission Software

Shows how much your next commission check will be

Commission software is an accounting tool for building commission statements, saving time for accounting clerks and reducing errors. While some provide a dashboard with an overview of commissions and performance, they do nothing to verify the accuracy of those commissions.


Shows how much your next commission check should be

TruCommish identifies pay discrepancies at the deal level. We analyze data from multiple sources to verify pay, from the time you initially booked a deal to the time you are paid on it. TruCommish not only benefits sales management, but provides valuable insights to individual sales reps.