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Identify discrepancies in your earnings

Anomaly reporting

Identify pay discrepancies by comparing booked deals with invoiced deals. Easily see any errors in your payment.

Open Order Tracking

Track deals that were closed but have not yet been invoiced, meaning you have not yet been paid on them.


Take control of your data

Data warehouse

Access a full breakdown of all booked and invoiced line items, with the ability to filter and sort based on multiple fields.

Recurring Deal Analysis

Track recurring deals over time, and project future earnings on recurring payments.

Maximize Your Earnings

Comp plan comparison

Track year-to-year compensation plan changes, and compare compensation plans with a true "apples-to-apples" comparison.

Predictive Analytics

Enable data driven decision making to maximize compensation. Focus on activities that will drive quota and bonus attaiment, by analyzing performance by customer and product categories.

Private & Secure

No one can see your data

All of the data you import into TruCommish is completely encrypted using a private key held in your browser client. Because this private key is stored on your computer, no one, including the team here at TruCommish, can access any part of your data.

Enterprise Customers

Benefits for management

TruCommish helps sales management by creating a healthy and productive environment for effective teams to grow. Salespeople are happier, more motivated, and more loyal when they can trust that they are treated fairly.

A transparent and healthy relationship between employers and reps ultimately drives better results.


How does it work?

TruCommish tracks the life of a deal, from inception to final commission payment, and identifies potential pay discrepancies.

You close a deal...

The deal is considered booked, and marked as "won" in your CRM.

You expect to be paid on a specific amount of revenue or gross profit.

...months can go by...

Changes can occur to the deal, which are not always reported. get paid

The deal appears in your commission statement, and is recorded by commission software.

How do you know this reflects what you originally booked?

TruCommish bridges the gap

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